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Deutschkurs A1 Ziesche Kolleg channel launched in May 2014. This channel provides structured video lessons for the course level A1.


ZIESCHE Kolleg channel launched in 2010. This channel is our most successful channel with 1,657 videos and 4,201 subscribers. In the future this channel will no longer be updated. Instead watch the new German Learning channel.

German learning with Bernd Ziesche channel.This channel is followed by 344 subscribers and has 66,647 video views.

ZIESCHE Elearning channel featuring grammar content and exercises. 2,019 subscribers follow this channel. 789,121 video views indicate the success of our videos.

ziesche_de is our mirror of the ZIESCHE Kolleg YouTube channel. This channel features exactly the same 1,657 videos as the ZIESCHE Kolleg channel.