Our history

The ZIESCHE Kolleg was founded by Bernd Ziesche and Christoph Knorr as a language school for German as foreign language in 1996. The success of the past 17 years is based on a method that has not been changed since the early beginnings.

We try to teach German on a simple but effective way with a special focus on verbal communication. Therefore we use sounds, photos and film sequences to support the student in practical situations, challenge him and finally provoke him to correct speaking and writing. We constantly work on new content to assist the student with a well structured elearning platform, including videos and documents that use all the potentials of the world wide web.

We follow the philosophy that education should be free of charge for everyone. That is, we use all the possibilities of the Web 2.0 to establish a free elearning platform for the German language, not only in Germany, nor only in Europe but worldwide. To achieve our vision we created several thousand video lessons so far with the number growing day by day.

Prior contribution

Different people supported our work in many ways. We would like to thank especially Philipp Manz, Marco Feuchter and Laial Shamas for their contribution to some of our best videos.